Title: JASON NEGRON-GONZALES: Reports from Bolivia

Published by: Organizing Upgrade

Date: June 2010


“Last month in Cochabamba, the Bolivian government and social movements convened the World People’s Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth (CMPCC).  The conference was ground-breaking, bringing together governments, NGO’s, indigenous communities, and social movements. The goal of the conference was to re-ground and cohere the global forces that are working for climate justice in order to impact global climate negotiations.


Whether we work on environmental, social, or economic issues, what happened in Cochabamba is relevant to our work as Left organizers in the United States.  To help make the conferences’ relevance for our work as clear as possible, I’m going to talk about Copenhagen and the back story to Cochabamba, lay out some of the developments at the CMPCC, and explore how it all relates to the next phase of building a powerful climate justice movement.”

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