Just Transition

Just Transition is a vision-led, unifying and place-based set of principles, processes, and practices that build economic and political power to shift from an extractive economy to a regenerative economy.

Ecological Justice

By taking a radical look at the origins of the terms ecology, ecological justice, and/or economy, we are able to build a language for communities that are striving to move a unified vision and strategy for ecological justice and a Just Transition towards local, living, loving economies. We believe it is foundational to understand the reorientation to economy and ecology, and the definition of ecological justice, as introduced through this framework.

Biological and Cultural Diversity

Biocultural diversity is the true web of life: the interlinked diversity of biological diversity, cultural diversity, and linguistic diversity. Biocultural diversity is at the core of what’s at stake for us in our fight for ecological justice and it is also our best defense.

Resilience Based Organizing & Translocal Organizing

Resilience-Based Organizing is a shared recipe for change – one that draws deeply from our diverse ancestral and experiential wisdom of how to live well together (buen vivir) and combines it with the strategies needed to upend the power-structure of the dominant political-economy and usher in the next economy based on a new, single bottom line: balanced, life-affirming relationships in the places we call home.

Shocks, Slides, and Shifts

Instability has become a defining feature of our times. One of our key roles as social movements must be to harness the shocks and direct the slides – all towards achieving the systemic, cultural and psychic shifts we need to navigate the changes with the greatest equity, resilience and ecological restoration possible.

Just Recovery

From hurricanes to a global pandemic to wildfires, tsunamis, and mass extinction, the chaos of this moment confirms what we’ve known about climate disruption – its power to devastate along lines of existing injustice is no accident, and because of that, recovery must be led by the people on the frontlines.

Disability Justice

Disability justice is imperative for the liberation of people and the planet. Central to disability justice is a close and honest examination of how ableism shapes our everyday lives and social institutions within a disabling extractive economy. Our comrades in the disability justice movement teach us that dismantling ableism is a collective responsibility and a through line to ecological justice.