“Did We Go Too Far?” Episode 4: Liberated Communities (With Guests Morning Star Gali and Karissa Lewis)

April 6, 2021

Episode 4 Liberated Communities is up now! What is possible in liberated neighborhoods? We’ll take a look at the hxstory of liberated zones and re-matriated land in the Bay and what is necessary to sustain these places, how to contest for power in right relationship with Indigenous communities and how this all connects to transformative justice. Hosts Tré Vasquez & Layel Camargo are joined in dialogue by Morning Star Gali & Karissa Lewis. Read more »

“Did We Go Too Far?” Episode 3: Black Land and Liberation (With Guests Leah Penniman and Akua Smith)

March 23, 2021

Episode 3 of MG's new podcast Did We Go Too Far? is here and it's a special host takeover with collective members Crosby & Quinton! Episode 3: Black Land and Liberation, asks: how are Ecological Justice, Black Liberation and Land Reparations symbiotic and interdependent? Read more »

“Did We Go Too Far?” Episode 2: Radical Parenting in a Pandemic (With Guests Jennifer Rivera and Michelle Mascarenhas Swan)

March 9, 2021

Episode 2 of MG's podcast is here. We discuss the realities and spectrum of parenting in COVID times, from two badass, brilliant, radical mamas. Read more »