A Note on the Polar Vortex | by MG

(Photo Credit: Jim Young/Reuters Photo)

(Photo Credit: Jim Young/Reuters Photo)

Let’s be clear: The current polar vortex does not disprove global warming or that the climate is changing. Rather extreme heat waves and cold snaps; droughts and floods; wildfires and superstorms are all manifestations of MASSIVE CLIMATE DISRUPTION. Global warming does not mean that it gets warmer everywhere all of the time. As global temperatures rise, whole systems, like the water cycle, are disrupted. There is more water vapor in the atmosphere for example, contributing to climate catastrophes.

Just as shivering with the chills in the midst of a fever doesn’t mean you don’t have a fever anymore, a cold snap doesn’t mean the planet isn’t getting warmer. In fact, it is a consequence of an unusually warm arctic.

Global Warming is real. Climate Disruption (and the accompanying loss of biological and cultural diversity) is the consequence. Exploitation of land, labor and life is the cause. The 1% has hijacked our planet and its resources for pollution and profit, leaving the remaining 99% of us out in the cold.

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