Title: The Case for Holistic Economic Transformation

Published by: Race, Poverty & the Environment Journal

Date: Fall 2009


“A transition to a more sustainable economy will require people living in more cooperative ways in denser urban neighborhoods rather than in suburbia. It calls for local generation/harvesting of power, water saving, urban farming, and collective kitchens. We need to prioritize the reclamation, rehabilitation, and transformation of existing resources. Despite study after climate study, which says “it’s worse than we thought,” we continue to seek technological fixes like carbon capture or solar panels, rather than holistic solutions that seek to transform the system that got us into this crisis.

To be truly transformative we need to work toward filling the spiritual void left by an economy based on individualism, consumption, and exploitative waged labor. We can do this by learning to live more cooperatively and setting our focus on “roles” rather than “jobs” in seeking social progress over growth.”

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