In accordance with our values, Movement Generation is committed to rejecting extractive labor practices, and instead creating a transformative workplace where our labor and contributions are honored and our needs are met. We do this by providing a thriving wage and a robust benefits package. We are also committed to regularly reviewing, sharing, and discussing our compensation package both within our organization and across our networks in order to better understand and meet the needs of the individuals we employ.

These practices have been informed and inspired by many of our movement partners. This statement of transparency was specifically informed by our comrades at the Gulf Coast Center for Law & Policy.

Salary Scale: 

MG uses a flat compensation model for full-time collective members with a base salary of $110,300* for Collective Member/Director roles. [*as of July 1, 2024]. This includes an Annual Cost of Living Adjustment based on the local Consumer Price Index average of the previous year. 

Collective Members choose their FTE status (32, 36, 40 hours) and can submit a request to change their FTE as needed.  

Collective Member FTE and Pay
32 Hours / 80% FTE $88,240
36 Hours / 90% FTE $99,270
40 Hours / 100% FTE $110,300


Current Non-Collective Staff Member Positions and Pay

IT Manager

(Part Time) $53 / Hour


(Contracted As-Needed)  $75 per hour


Benefits Package:

MG offers the following employee benefits:

  • Retirement 403B Account (automatic employer contribution of 5% of annual salary)
  • Health Reimbursement Arrangement ($3500 annually)
  • Flexible Spending Account (Medical and/or Dependent Care)
  • $5000 Annual Bonus (see below for more detail)
  • $500 Annual Professional Development Funds
  • Work From Home Costs Support Upon Request
  • Medical Insurance (100% for employees, 90% for dependents)
  • Dental Insurance (100% for employees, 90% for dependents)
  • Vision Insurance (100% for employees, 90% for dependents)
  • Chiropractic & Acupuncture Coverage
  • Life Insurance
  • Disability Insurance (Short-term and Long-term)
  • Cash In-Lieu of Benefits ($200 monthly for eligible employees who opt out of MG’s group medical coverage)
  • Paid Sabbatical Leave (3 months every 5 years)
  • Paid Vacation (Annual accrual of 160 hours/4 weeks [100% FTE]; plus 1 week off per quarter with 2 paid weeks for winter break),
  • 13 Paid Holidays Off and 2 Floating Holidays (for Birthday & Hire Date Anniversary)
  • Sick Leave; Personal Leave; Lactation Accommodation; Bereavement Leave (with travel funding support); Witness & Jury Duty Leave; Voter Time Off
  • Paid Childcare During Work Travel
  • 26 Weeks Paid Family Leave
  • Employee Donated Time Banking
  • Reduced Hours During Crisis Policy (self-determined by employee)
  • Extended Medical Leave Policy (additional support for medical disabilities)
  • Paid Meals for Day Long Meetings up to $35 per meal/per staff
  • Quarterly financial advising & planning sessions with a financial coach
  • Annual Cost of Living Adjustment based on the local Consumer Price Index average for the previous year (dependent on: overall organizational fiscal health of 6 month’s of cash reserves and board approval)
  • MG has approved a process to revisit our total compensation package every three years. Next review: 2024-2025 fiscal year

MG Annual Bonus

Core to Movement Generation’s work is building power within frontline/fenceline communities towards the liberation and restoration of land, labor, and culture.  Movement Generation is offering staff members working 20 or more hours, an annual equitable merit-based bonus. Movement Generation is offering this equitable merit-based adjustment for staff who are deeply rooted in BIPOC and low-income communities because we believe that their lived experience and cultural competency allows us to build stronger relationships with the frontline communities that drive our work.  With this adjustment, we are hoping to address the systemic undervaluing of labor and people by lifting up the work of our staff members deeply rooted in historically disenfranchised communities. We developed Equitable-Merit pay as a framework to calculate this bonus by focusing on the unique contributions brought by folks whose expertise is often undervalued by capitalist structures; and by understanding the correlation between these types of contributions and marginalized identities, it enables groups to distribute money to people who have been negatively impacted by systems of oppression AND to pay people for the seen and unseen labor spent transforming those systems.

Procedure: All staff working 20 hours or more are offered the bonus. Staff complete a form to accept the bonus, with the option of accepting all, half, or none of the bonus amount. This annual bonus is on top of base salary. MG reserves the right to assess the organization’s ability to offer this annual bonus, or not, or to adjust the annual amount as needed, given our overall financial stability. 

Effective: July 2023 and each new fiscal year (July 15th paycheck)

Amount:  $5,000 (pre tax)

If you have questions about our compensation structure or non-extractive labor practices, contact us at