MG’s Justice & Ecology Giving Network

About the Justice & Ecology Giving Network

As trainers, activists, organizers, and cultural workers that are committed to justice and ecology, we value relationships at every level. We know that in order to address climate change and other forms of eco disruption we must deepen and repair our relationship to people, place, and the planet.

To realize our vision of a Just Transition away from the extractive, death-dependent economy to a regenerative, life-affirming economy we need a diverse and well-resourced movement. And that is only made possible with your support. That’s why we created the Justice & Ecology Giving Network. It’s a way for the people that love the work we do to help us grow our capacity and strengthen our financial resilience to do even more. 

Joining the Justice & Ecology Giving Network is easy.

Simply make an annual donation of at least $25 and you will be added to the network immediately. At MG, we’re big fans of reciprocity so as a Justice & Ecology Giver you will receive special benefits including:

        • Special invitations, sneak previews, and free tickets to MG events
        • The opportunity to help us decide where to give 10% of our annual fund to other social movement groups. For example, if we raise $100,000 you get a vote on what groups we give $10,000 to.
        • Hella cool points and lots of love from MG because sharing is caring