“Did We Go Too Far?” Episode 4: Liberated Communities (With Guests Morning Star Gali and Karissa Lewis)

Episode 4 Liberated Communities is up now! What is possible in liberated neighborhoods? We’ll take a look at the hxstory of liberated zones and re-matriated land in the Bay and what is necessary to sustain these places, how to contest for power in right relationship with Indigenous communities and how this all connects to transformative justice. Hosts Tré Vasquez & Layel Camargo are joined in dialogue by Morning Star Gali & Karissa Lewis.

Course Correction Sessions Postponed Until Tues, June 16th

We are postponing Course Correction sessions until June 16t - to honor the space folks need right now to respond to, process, and grieve the moment - taking care of yourself and loved ones, praying at your altar, showing up for your community, taking to the streets, or organizing with your folks.