What the Frack, Jerry Brown?!

The escalating battle over fracking in California just got a whole lot funnier.
Today we are launching a new video campaign that brings together California’s top comedians, performers, and frontline leaders from the heart of California’s fracking crisis to call on Gov. Jerry Brown to ban the dangerous, toxic drilling process in the Golden State. Building off the growing grassroots movement across California, the videos poke fun at fracking’s many problems and demand to know of our supposedly green governor: “What the Frack, Jerry Brown?!”

Released online today at WhatTheFrackJerryBrown.com, the campaign will air its hardest-hitting video as a TV ad in Sacramento later next month when Gov. Brown and the legislature return to session. The project is launching a crowdfunding campaign for people across California to chip in and help get the ads on the air — and right onto Jerry Brown’s own TV screen.

Movement Generation and The Other 98% produced What the Frack  in partnership with the Center on Race, Poverty, & the Environment. The project features comedian Kristina Wong, singer Hector Flores from Las Cafeteras, and MG’s own Josh Healey alongside community leaders Juan Flores, Lupe Martinez, and Anabel Marquez who are on the frontlines of the fracking crisis in California’s Central Valley.

Eight videos in all, What the Frack tackles the biggest concerns and controversies about fracking in California. The series highlights how fracking is exacerbating California’s devastating drought, contaminating our food, aggravating racism against Latino communities, putting us at a greater risk of earthquakes…and even exposing Gov. Brown’s oily connection to Dick Cheney.

“We have marched, rallied, and even filed a civil rights lawsuit against Gov. Brown to demand he bans fracking, and now these videos are taking our campaign to a whole new level,” said Juan Flores, a community leader in Kern Country against fracking and performer in the videos. “Crazy comedy plus serious organizing: this is how we’ll ban fracking in California!” 

Co-produced by our own Josh Healey and directed by Yvan Iturriaga, What the Frack is the newest project in MG’s Green Collar Comedy series. Combining subversive humor and grassroots activism, these videos break through the dominant narratives on issues of race, class, and ecology. Which is exactly what the anti-fracking movement in Central Valley is doing.

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Let’s Ban Fracking in California!