Watch ‘The North Pole’ : Full Season Available Now!

It’s here! After a beautiful, sold-out world premiere at the historic Grand Lake Theater here in Oakland, our political comedy web series The North Pole is now available online and ready for your viewing pleasure!

Click here to watch the full season now!

The full season is available to watch for free on the show’s new website. While you’re watching the episodes, check out the accompanying political education, ally organizations to get involved with, and meet the cast and crew behind this one-of-a-kind project.

And thank you to the over 1,000 people who came through to the world premiere! Two sold out screenings, lots of laughter, and one furry polar bear on the red carpet – it was certainly a night to remember. Relive the magic with these gorgeous photos from our own Brooke Anderson.

Watch the show all the way through, or one episode at a time. Either way, if you like it, please help us spread the word!

In moments like this, we need to tell our own stories more that ever. Thank you for helping us do just that.

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