The Summer of Our Power Launches

The Climate Justice Alliance’s Summer of Our Power has launched in recognition of our interrelated, interdependent, and complementary relationship with Mother Earth. And MG is proud to be a part of it.

soopIn the face of a climate crisis, communities on the frontlines of the impacts are also at the forefront of the struggle to create solutions that are healthy and equitable for both people and the planet—what we call a just transition.

Over the course of two months during the summer of 2015, CJA’s Summer of Our Power will undertake creative movement building projects to build interconnected local strategies and broader public awareness for a just transition away from an economy based on extraction and exploitation.  The centerpiece will be a “quilt relay” in August, through which CJA creates a collective quilt that symbolizes the both the breadth and depth of frontline community solutions that offer real hope in the face of climate devastation. The quilt relay will conclude in solidarity with gulf coast communities at the 10th Anniversary Commemoration of Hurricane Katrina.

The Summer of Our Power, in addition to being an important movement building opportunity for the membership of CJA, will serve to marshal our forces for a vibrant fall season of mobilization on the “Road to Paris” and beyond.  In the U.S. we’ll engage our public officials to champion solutions that achieve a just transition. The momentum we build through these activities will strengthen our member delegation that represents grassroots communities at the December United Nations COP-21 in Paris.

The Summer of Our Power includes CJA’s new Just Transition Fellowship program; a story-telling project designed to share narratives and uplift our solutions; and a “quilt relay” through which we will create a collective quilt. There will be workshops, political education, and strategizing regarding the Clean Power Plan, our energy democracy platform, and just transition principles and strategies.

For more information on the Summer of Our Power and how to participate in a city near you, visit!

Twitter: @CJAourpower