The Our Power Campaign is here!

MG is excited to announce the launch of the national Our Power Campaign: Communities United for A Just Transition!  We are launching this campaign as a co-anchor and leadership body member of the Climate Justice Alliance – a new collaborative of over 35 community-based and movement support organizations rooted in Indigenous, African American, Latino, Asian Pacific Islander, and working-class white communities throughout the US.

Together through the Our Power Campaign, we are creating transition pathways out of dirty energy, towards solutions that create meaningful work and livelihoods in the US. Communities are implementing real solutions to climate change that chart a path towards more democratic, ecologically rooted economies. Through theOur Power Campaign we are winning clean community power, zero waste, food sovereignty, public transit, housing for all, and restoration of ecosystems and watersheds, especially in regions disproportionately impacted by the deepening economic and ecological crises.

The Our Power Campaign is being rolled out in three “Hot Spot” communities  — Black Mesa, Arizona; Richmond, California; and Detroit, Michigan — and will expand to a dozen Hot Spots across the country by the end of 2014. The Hot Spots are frontline communities that are home to key grassroots groups poised to take on dirty energy interests while leading real models of grassroots solutions.

Read the full overview of the Our Power Campaign, hear about the hot spots, and learn more about the Climate Justice Alliance by visiting the Our Power Campaign online at!


June 14-18 : Our Power Camp in Black Mesa, Arizona!

The Our Power Campaign launch will continue through the Our Power Camp!

From June 14-18, in one of the Our PowerCampaign hot spots, Navajo community members of the Black Mesa Water Coalition will host the first Our Power Camp in Arizona – a skills sharing and strategy camp for communities impacted by coal and other dirty energy. This camp marks the first of many Our Power Camps.  People from all over the country, including a majority from communities along coal’s chain of destruction in the Southwest, Appalachia, the midwest, and beyond, will come together at the Our Power Camp to learn from and exchange with the Black Mesa community.  Attendees will share stories of struggles and victories in communities impacted by dirty energy, host and participate in workshops on topics such as direct action and land-based resilience, and will hold collective strategy sessions.

MG has been a part of the planning team for the camp, and is excited to join our allies and comrades in Black Mesa to learn and share.


Stay tuned on Our Power Campaign’s facebook andtwitter for live updates from the camp!

For more info on the Our Power Camps click HERE.