The North Pole Season 2 Kickstarter – Donate & Spread the Word!

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Friends & Fabulous Folks everywhere –

After months of anticipation, rumors, and (we imagine) celebrity gossip, we have some great news to announce:

The North Pole: Season 2 is coming soon! And we need your help to make it happen.

We’re getting ready to film in just a few months. We’ve been hustling hard on the fundraising front – and we’re almost there! We’re just asking for your help to bring us home.

Today we launched our Kickstarter campaign. We need to raise $10,000 in the next 4 weeks to cover final production costs.

Would you be down to donate and/or spread the word this week?

Successful campaigns usually get a lot of momentum from the jump. So if we can raise a good chunk of money this week, and have it all over people’s FB / IG / Twitter feeds…that’d be love.


Right now, we’re living in scary times.

And with The North Pole: Season 2, we’re diving head first into the big issues we’re all facing right now, from the block to the White House and back.

In this era of state repression, racist violence, and a new BBQ Becky popping up every freaking week…we need new stories like this more than ever.

Bold. Brown. Unapologetic. And yes, hilarious. (Cuz you know, life is still #Life.)


Thank you so much. For real, for real. Whatever you can give would be love.


see you at the show, see you in the streets –

– Josh, Yvan, Reyna, Donte, Santiago, Eli, and the whole North Pole / Movement Generation family