Take Action & Stay Tuned: We Reject the “Greed Economy” at Rio+20!

This week, thousands of people will gather in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, for theUnited Nations Earth Summit, or Rio+20, (June 20-22) and the Cupula dos Povos or People’s Summit (June 15-23). The UN summit is pushing a “Green Economy” model that gives far too much leverage to corporate-led industry, whose main interest is to profiteer from climate chaos with false solutions like bioengineering, biofuels, nuclear energy, and mega-projects that result in land grabs displacing communities that have lived sustainably in place for generations. The People’s Summit offers the opposite — a space for grassroots movements and their allies to envision a world based on Rights, Resistance, Resilience, and Restoration.MG’s close allies in the Climate Justice Alignment delegation, coordinated on the ground by GJEP, IEN, GGJ, GAIA, EJCC, and other allies, will be reporting daily on Climate Connections to provide up-to-date reports and announcements on what’s happening in Rio. We will be arranging daily interviews on KPFK’s Sojourner Truth show (7 a.m. in Los Angeles), and finding other ways to tell the stories the big media isn’t.We face a triple-E crisis: economic (unleashed greed and skyrocketing inequality leading to ever more corruption, instability, violence and war), ecological (our biosphere is rapidly degrading to the point where it may not be able to support human life), and energetic (we are ravaging the planet’s depleting energy reserves to continue to live in this unsustainable way). The answers being proposed by Climate Justice Alignment and others around the world are a triple-R response: rights (increasing the rights of people in civil society, not corporations or unelected transnational entities, to make decisions about the issues that affect their lives), restoration (working to care for the biosphere and repair the damage we have done to it) and resilience(developing the ability of local communities to survive the degree of climate chaos that is now unavoidable).

Photo credit: Grassroot Global Justice Alliance.

While in Rio, our allies will call on the US government to take a stand against the worst tendencies of “Green Capitalism” and the “Greed Economy,” and instead invest in solutions that put our communities to work, cool the planet, and transition environmental control back to local economies.


TAKE ACTION by signing the petition – US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton and US Rio+20 Lead Negotiator John Matuszak need to hear from you today!


And STAY TUNED by visiting Climate Connections between June 15 and June 23, to find out what’s happening in Rio, and to be part of the dialogue toward constructing “The Future We Want”.

In the words of our allies of La Vía Campesina:
“Globalize the Struggle, Globalize Hope!”