Support North Bay Fire Relief for Frontline Communities: Donate Today to the Undocufund

The lives of so many people, plants, animals, and land that we know and love have been impacted by the ecological catastrophe of the North Bay fires. Many people have asked how they can help. We’d offer you the opportunity to send resources to frontline community organizations providing support to vulnerable populations. One such effort is the UndocuFund for Fire Relief in Sonoma County.
The Undocufund was launched by a coalition of immigrant service providers and advocates, to provide direct assistance to undocumented victims of the Northern California fires. 100% of donations will go to victim support – including temporary housing, groceries, home repairs, medical and dental expenses, and more.
In the face of disasters like the fires, or the hurricanes in the Caribbean, we know that those on the frontlines of the ecological and economic crises are those that not only experience the deepest harm, trauma, and other impacts of the disasters – they are also often the folks marginalized from large-scale relief efforts led by agencies like FEMA or Red Cross. The intersection of the “shock” of the ecological disaster with the ongoing “slide” of the attack on immigrant, undocumented folks and the intensity of white supremacy create more dire moments of crises for our folks on the frontlines. Decades (or more) of colonialism, exploitation, and oppression in this extractive economy have enacted a war on resilience and on life – towards people and the land. And, we know, that in the aftermath of such disasters, those extractive forces continue that war through harmful development, predatory lending, price gouging, and other disaster capitalist practices. The powerful efforts for #JustRecovery across communities from Puerto Rico to Santa Rosa has been the incredible, inspiring return to care and sacredness, the building of collective power through organizing and relationships, and the very ecologically and economically regenerative work that will harness these shocks and slides towards the shifts we need in the short and the long term.

There are many such efforts to highlight. Today, in solidarity and in care, of our close relatives up North in Sonoma County – we are uplifting the call to donate to the Undocufund. Please keep in touch with Just Recovery efforts related to the fires, to the hurricanes, to the earthquake in Mexico, and the ongoing devastation our peoples are experiencing all over – to step up and support those on the ground with intention and collective power.

Please support communities who face significant challenges in meeting urgent needs and rebuilding their lives.