By: Angela Aguilar

Our second work party on liberated land went off! We have deep gratitude for old and new homies who came out a on a sunny Sunday to tend the rolling hills that came to life with the turning of Spring.

A mighty little team of weed-whacking volunteers helped clear away Italian thistle, poison hemlock, and wild oats while carefully preserving purple needlegrass, our native bunch grass whose roots can grow as deep as 16 feet! We worked on creating defensible space by putting some cool new tools to work (weed wrench, anyone?!) and pulled out Scotch broom, a non-native and highly flammable shrub.

Another crew worked together laying down cardboard to sheet mulch an area that will soon be our medicinal and culinary garden!

Some folks even took time to drop in with the land, taking in our epic views that always seem to down-regulate the nervous system…which is work, too.

Thank you to everyone who gave to the land, and we hope more of you can join us at our next work party!