Sign Petition to Obama to Stop Obstructing a Real Deal!

Reposted from Jen Soriano of Grassroots Global Justice Alliance

December 8, 2010

Joaquin Sanchez and Sunyoung Yang escorted out for speaking up. Photo by Diana Pei Wu

Sign the petition today to help put the Cochabamba People’s Agreement and sensible solutions to climate change back on the US political agenda.

Things are POPPIN off in Cancun – negotiations officially end Friday, and as the climate negotiation clock ticks UN officials are feelin the pressure to come up with something that resembles anything like an agreement.

The problem is, that as they try to save face by buckling down inside their militarized fortress – a luxury labrynth of a Golf resort called Moon Palace – they are kicking out anyone who disagrees with their narrow corporate agenda in the process.

Similar to the barring of several civil society organizations including Friends of the Earth from last year’s Copenhagen sham, this year COP16 enforcers have kicked out 4 of our youth delegates for chanting, and they’ve just this morning removed Tom Goldtooth Executive Director of the Indigenous Environmental Network and key player in the debate on REDD and REDD+ from the grounds while stripping him of his accreditation.

Watch the great Democracy Now coverage of our very own Sunyoung Yang of the Labor Community Strategy Center/Bus Riders Union and Kari Fulton and Joaquin Sanchez of Youth for Climate Justice: “UN Stop Silencing Civil Society!”.

Industrialized and industrializing countries and the forces they have literally bought off seem to be clearing the way to hammer through a deal on REDD.  And while this would mean some money up front to some global south governments, it also means the privatization of the people’s forests, the permission for big polluters to pollute more, and the consequent trampling on rights that too often comes with corporate ownership and seizure of land around the world.

REDD proponents argue that we should hammer home a deal and work on securing rights later.  Hmmm.  Give em enough rope and…they make it obvious that rights-based guarantees come second if they come into play at all.

What we are saying instead is – change this system – stop trying to save polluting industries and realize it’s time to wake up and make the hard decisions necessary to put our ecosystems back on track.  REDD is not ready as Jihan Gearon of IEN says.  No deal on this is better than a bad deal as Ash-Lee Henderson of Mountain Justice says.

Let’s get a real financing agreement instead – one that creates a plan for industrialized countries to pay their climate debt to the Global South through a global climate fund that is run by the FULL UN, NOT by just the few Goliaths in the UN and NOT run by the World Bank which would pay countries in loans with strings attached not grants.  The Cochabamba People’s Agreement states, “Climate funding should be direct and free of conditions, and should not interfere with the national sovereignty or self-determination of the most affected communities and groups.”

And let’s put pressure on the Obama administration to stop ramming through the ineffective Copenhagen Accord which relies on faulty mechanisms like REDD and sets dangerously low and non-binding targets for carbon emissions.  Sign the petition today to help put the Cochabamba People’s Agreement and sensible solutions to climate change back on the US political agenda.

Check and for updates as they unfold in Cancun!