[Sept 30] Movement Generation Healing Clinic: Sign Up Today!

MG is thrilled to collaborate with the Healing Clinic Collective for this special Earth Skills event to help equip movement workers with healing skills to care for ourselves and our communities.

The current and generational trauma of colonization, enslavement, white supremacy, hetero-patriarchy, and exploitation under capitalism is often held in our bodies and lands. In the Bay Area, we are blessed with many healers who work to restore our relationship to our ancestors – including the plants – and reconnect us to the ancestral wisdom of our peoples. This work is crucial to cultivating a path towards resilience and regeneration!

The Movement Generation Healing Clinic is part of the MG Earth Skills training series. The event will include workshop sessions as well as a healing clinic – and participants can sign up for both.

For this event, we’re saving half of our slots for folks involved in Climate Workers and the Black Land & Liberation Initiative. The rest are open to the larger community. While the Healing Clinic turns no one away, please keep in mind that it is our intention to make this offering to those who otherwise may not have the opportunity to receive holistic loving care, either due to lack of resources or lack of knowledge of/connection to holistic practitioners.

Sign up today by clicking here!

Movement Generation Healing Clinic
10am-5pm (see schedule below)
Location TBA


10am-12:30pm – Earth Skills Healing Workshops

MG will provide a welcoming and opening framing, then participants will break out into workshops to learn how to apply different healing modalities in their own personal healing work. Workshops include plant medicine for stress reduction, limpias, altars, somatics, and more.

12:30-1pm – Lunch

1-5pm – Healing Clinic

Participants will be able to sign up for a healing session with a practitioner of their choice.

    • Acupuncture            ○   Somatic Bodywork
    • Womb Wellness        ○   Spiritual Counseling/Divination
    • Massage Therapy      ○   Herbal Medicine
    • Energy Healing         ○   Limpias (indigenous energy cleanses)

Sign Up Today:

For more information contact Quinton Sankofa at quinton@movementgeneration.org, or Carla Pérez at carla@movementgeneration.org.