Richmond Chevron Refinery on Fire

Photo credit: AP.

Richmond residents are on the frontline of the failures of the fossil fuel industry, and the capitalist system that nurtures it. This isn’t just a cloud of smoke from a refinery – it represents generations of struggling working class families and people of color who suffer DAILY from severe health disparities so we can continue our addiction to oil. The smoke just makes it visible.  Time to shut down Chevron, hold corporations accountable, and create real solutions that build our independence from fossil fuels!

Chevron will host a public town hall meeting/Q&A tonight, August 7th, at 6 pm at the Richmond Memorial Auditorium (403 Civic Center Plaza) – people are encouraged to attend.  Please bring signs in support of community health and people over profit!
For more updates on the community’s response to the fire, continue to visit  Community for a Better Environment‘s website as events and announcements unfold.