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Climate Change is Now… Is the Left Ready
Jason Negrón-Gonzalez and Mateo Nube | Left Turn | January 2008

Ecology and the Left [PDF version]
Gopal Dayaneni and Mateo Nube | Left Turn | June/July 2008

Demanding Climate Justice – Hoodwinked in the Hothouse: False Solutions to Climate Change [p. 26 of Full PDF]
Movement Generation | March 2009

The Case for Holistic Economic Transformation  [PDF version]
Michelle Mascarenhas Swan | Race, Poverty & the Environment Journal | Fall 2009

War, Climate Change and Women, Urban Habitat [PDF version]
Maryam Roberts | Race, Poverty & the Environment Journal | Fall 2009

Climate Justice vs. Carbon Fundamentalism [PDF Version]
Movement Generation | Race, Poverty & the Environment Journal | Fall 2009

Climate Justice in the US [PDF Excerpt]
Gopal Dayaneni | Contours of Climate Justice: Critical Currents no. 6 | November 2009

How to Break the Climate Stalemate Between the Global South and the North
Gopal Dayaneni and Mateo Nube | YES! Magazine | December 2009

A Window to a New World [PDF version]
Michelle Mascarenhas Swan | Climate Connections | January 2010

The Work of Love and the Love of Work: Resilience-Based Organizing as a Path Forward [PDF Version]
Movement Generation | 2013

Mothering Through Climate Chaos – Mamas Day Our Way
Michelle Mascarenhas Swan | MSC’s Let’s Talk: At The Heart of Movement Building | April 2014

Ecological Revolution
Movement Generation | Reimagine! Race, Poverty & the Environment | December 2014

Redefining Resilience [PDF Version]
Movement Generation | 2015

From Banks and Tanks to Cooperation and Caring – Just Transition Zine
Movement Generation | November 2016

The Case for a Just Transition (Chapter 3 of Energy Democracy: Advancing Equity in Clean Energy Solutions)
Michelle Mascarenhas-Swan | October 2017

Transition is Inevitable, Justice is Not: A Critical Framework for Just Recovery
Movement Generation | December 2017


Worker Wisdom in a Changing Climate Series – Interviews by Brooke Anderson

“Worker Wisdom in a Changing Climate,” a project of Climate Workers and Movement Generation Justice & Ecology Project, brings you original interviews with union members and other workers whose lives and livelihoods are the frontlines of climate change, and who are fighting back to defend our work, our health, and our planet. Know someone we should interview? Email


Justice isn’t Inevitable: Talking Resilience with Ellen Choy | July 2015

Feature Interview: Mateo Nube, Movement Generation
Blue Heart | December 2014


How We Live: A Journey to a Just Transition
Kontent Films | 2014

Teleseminar: Just Transition with Mateo Nube | June 2016  

State of the Movement / Shocks, Slides & Shifts
Justice Funders | January 2018

A Conversation about the Future
The Assembly | June 2018


Listen to MG collective members on radio interviews over the years:

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