Resilience-Based Organizing EXPOSÉ!

Thurs, September 19th
6:00pm – 8:30pm
HUB Oakland
1423 Broadway Ave, Oakland 94612
(at the 12th St Oakland / City Center BART)

detroit1Hosted by Movement Generation, PODER and Urban Tilth 

Movement Generation sees the solution to the economic and ecological crises facing our communities in the creation of place-based, regionally scaled, community-controlled economies. Based on this understanding, we have begun documenting, building upon and catalyzing a form of power building that we call Resilience-Based Organizing (RBO). RBO is a model for building power deeply over time in our communities by building the power of the community to take back the tools necessary for their immediate and long-term survival. This includes land, labor, and self-governance.We have spent the last 2 years working with our partner organizations, PODER in San Francisco and Urban Tilth in Richmond, studying and building out the concept of Resilience-Based Organizing through field research exchanges with Bay Area organizations as well as allies in the Boston area and Detroit who we see as strong examples of organizations building power in their communities in an RBO fashion.

Inspired by visionaries such as the Black Panthers and the Landless Workers Movement in Brazil, we would now like to share what is the central strategy in MG’s theory of change for manifesting Ecological Justice.

Join us for a super informative, inspiring and interactive EXPOSÉ of the history and resurgence of Resilience Based Organizing! SAVE THE DATE!
If you have any questions or comments, please contact Carla M. Pérez: | 510.649.1475