Report Back: 1000 Durbans Day of Action @ Tassafaronga Farm

On Dec 3, in solidarity with 1000 Durbans, 75 people came together to build up community resilience in East Oakland — a real solution to climate disruption. Under the leadership of Acta Non Verba and Communities for a Better Environment, we doubled the raised beds at a community farm.

From toddlers to high school students to elders, we worked, made art, shared food, and played together. We shared messages from communities fighting dirty energy from the Philipines to Durban.

As part of our efforts to connect movements, Occupy Oakland issued a statement of solidarity with the social movements in Durban exposing the Conference of Polluters and the communities who are building the real solutions to climate disruption.

We are organizing together!

Special shout out to FACES (Filipino American Coalition for Environmental Solidarity) – they held a fun paper lantern (“parol”) making table, and to the Castlemont High School Green Pioneers, who shared with us their final projects and their infinite wisdom.

Here are some inspiring words from Nile Malloy, Regional Director of Communities for  Better Environment – NorCal:

“Thank you all so much for blessing the space this past Saturday in East Oakland and building out the 10 raised beds.  With less than a week to put this together, we all just took action and THREW DOWN!

It was a beautiful day with beautiful people getting our hands dirty, building together, enjoying the December sun, building our food justice movement, strengthening our intergenerational with families and youth with around 100 folks that came thru to participate throughout the day.

Let’s keep planting seeds of action for our future harvest of having more access to more vacant, public, private, and idle land for local food.”

You can also read Acta Non Verba’s “Open Letter of Thanks”, from Director Kelly Carlisle, HERE.