Culture Shift

Arts and Activism for Climate Justice



Movement Generation’s Culture Shift program brings together cutting-edge artists and activists to creatively build a loud, proud, and beautiful cultural front for climate justice. We use arts and culture together with grassroots organizing to build our creative resistance and radical imagination for our peoples and the planet.



Our primary project is the GREEN COLLAR COMEDY video series.

Combining subversive humor and grassroots politics, we produce online videos that break through the dominant narratives on issues of race, class, and ecology. No more PowerPoint slides or academic lectures — this is climate justice education for the YouTube generation. Green Collar Comedy videos have been featured in NBC, Huffington Post, ColorLines, Alternet, and more. This year, we are launching our biggest, boldest video project called the North Pole.


The North Pole is a political comedy web series that tackles the big issues of our time: Gentrification. Global Warming. And Gluten-Free Donuts. Written and produced by Josh Healey and Movement Generation, the show features cameos from acclaimed comedian W. Kamau Bell, rappers Mistah Fab and Boots Riley, and Black Panther hero Ericka Huggins. Absurdly funny and deadly serious at the same time, The North Pole tells the story of three best friends born and raised in North Oakland, California — locally known as The North Pole — who fight, dream, and plot hilarious schemes to remain rooted as their neighborhood becomes a hostile environment.


Enjoy some of our other Green Collar Comedy favorites:


Previous Culture Shift projects include:

MAKE IT FRESH: Creative Storytelling for the Urban Environment
Make it Fresh – an innovative performance and workshop series for grassroots writers, performers, and community leaders in the urban Bay Area. Participants creatively tell the stories of our daily social, racial, and environmental struggles – and the community solutions we are ready to create together.


CREATIVE WILDFIRE: National Retreat and Programming
The first-ever national retreat for visionary artists and activists on climate justice, Creative Wildfire sparks a flame for new art, music, and creative interventions for our peoples and the planet. Inaugural retreat participants include Favianna Rodriguez, Invincible, Marc Bamuthi Joseph, Las Cafeteras, Climbing Poetree, Davey D, and grassroots organizers from New Orleans, Detroit, Appalachia, New York, and Oakland. Photos from Creative Wildfire performance below.


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