New Video: Meet MG! Plus, MG Staff Updates

In January 2018, after a decade of work to build a movement for Eco-Justice, MG began a planning process to determine what the next 10 years of our work would look like. Part of that process involved us taking a look at our internal structure and thinking through ways to change how we operate, given what the next phase of our movement building work will look like.
As a result, some of our programs have changed and some of our staff roles have shifted. To help you get a feel for who we are at the moment (because you know, transition is inevitable…we will continue to change) we are excited to share our latest video with you! This is a 2 minute snapshot of our current team and the various roles we play. We hope you enjoy it!

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Here are some of the key shifts in our staff:
  • Deseree Fontenot has joined MG as a new collective member
  • Gopal Dayaneni has joined the MG planning committee in a volunteer position
  • Brooke Anderson is transitioning off of the MG staff at the end of August. With this transition, we are bringing Climate Workers (a project of MG) to a close. See the next section for more details.
  • Layel Camargo is now our cultural strategist and impact producer for The North Pole Season 2.
  • Josh Healey is now our artist-in-residence, getting ready to launch Season 2 of The North Pole Show. Which premiers online September 10th!
While each of these shifts were unique in the way they played out, one thing was consistent across the board…we all love each other, and have great respect and appreciation for our unique contributions to MG. And we all want to continue working with each other but just in different ways.