[VIDEO/AUDIO] Planting Justice, Unite HERE Local 2850, and MG Bring Direct Action Resilience to the Fight For Workers Rights

uniongardenpicIn December, Planting Justice, Unite HERE Local 2850 and MG threw a collaborative garden work party in Richmond, CA that brought neighbors, organizers, friends and allies together to connect food justice, community resilience, and workers rights.  The garden was built at the home of Isidoro Ramos – a North Richmond resident, musician, worker at the Casino San Pablo and rank-and-file member of Unite HERE 2850, which represents hotel, restaurant, hospitality and other service workers.  While workers continue their struggle for fairness inside Casino San Pablo, workers and neighbors joined together to build the garden, while buidling community and reclaiming their own health and labor. Increasing inequality and accelerating ecological erosion are the inevitable consequences of exploitation of the living world, beginning with human labor. But at the same time, all around us incredibly creative interventions are broadcasting a new vision, and creating a new reality, where those who are fighting to transform the places they work are also using their labor to transform the places they live – building a new kind of resilience.

We are excited about this powerful collaboration of organizations, and the opportunities to weave direct action resilience together with the fight for workers rights!

To learn more, watch this short video, produced by Planting Justice, documenting the garden work party in December at Isidoro’s home.  It includes clips from an interview with Isidoro and others. (And stay tuned for more to come about this garden and this collaboration!)

Planting Justice and Unite Here Local 2850 Build a Garden! from Planting Justice on Vimeo.

Also, you can hear MG’s Gopal Dayaneni interview Isidoro, Jessica Medina (an organizer with Unite HERE Local 2850), and Haleh Zandi (co-founder of Planting Justice) on KPFA’s Terra Verde last week!  Listen here.


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