Movement Generation Just Transition Framework Resources

Informed by the environmental justice and labor movement’s historical Just Transition work and our work with frontline community groups in the San Francisco Bay Area and translocally, Movement Generation has developed a Just Transition strategy framework with the Our Power Campaign.

After centuries of global plunder, the planet will no longer sustain the industrial economy without massive ecological — and economic — disruption. Transition is inevitable. Justice is not. A just transition is the process of getting from where we are to where we need to be by transforming the systems of economy and governance.

A just transition requires moving from a globalized capitalist industrial economy to linked local living participatory economies that provide well-being for all.

It involves shifting from dirty energy to energy democracy, from funding highways to expanding public transit, from incinerators and landfills to zero waste, from industrial food systems to food sovereignty, from gentrification to community land rights and from rampant development to ecosystem restoration. Workers and communities impacted first and worst must lead the transition to ensure it is just.

Below are a few resources we’ve developed to help deepen understanding and use of the framework.




Just Transition strategy diagram, 2016 EDGE Funders Alliance Version



Design by Micah Bazant.


Just Transition Framework powerpoint presentation

This powerpoint was presented at the opening plenary of the EDGE Just Giving Funders Conference. April 19, 2016.


Movement Strategy Center’s story series “Love With Power: Practicing Transformation for Social Justice”

MSC-Love_With_Power_2-Movement_Generation-Cultivating_Home 1

MG is excited and honored to be featured in Movement Strategy Center’s story series “Love With Power: Practicing Transformation for Social Justice”

Read an excerpt on MSC’s website here.

Click here to download the full PDF.


Pathways to Resilience e-book


MG’s piece in the e-book Pathways to Resilience published by Movement Strategy Center, Kresge Foundation Environment Team, Emerald Cities Collaborative, and the Praxis Project.

Click here to visit the Pathways to Resilience website, with download links to the e-book included.