Movement Generation Hosts A Conversation with The Landless Workers’ Movement (Movimento dos Trabalhadores Sem Terra)

Saturday, Nov 12
The Eric Quezada Center (518 Valencia, SF)

Featuring a conversation with:
Elias Araujo, MST Maranhão State-level Coordinator and
Janaina Stronzake, MST Activist and Scholar

Learn how a movement can come to scale while holding true to principles of bottom-out democratic engagement.    Learn about the MST’s model of building power through fostering resilience. And hear their thoughts about the Occupy movement and what it means for building people’s power in the US!

The MST works with peasants to identify and settle on underutilized land, gain legal title to the land and bring it into productive use. Through these efforts, over to 350,000 families have been settled and another 89,840 families are living in encampments, awaiting title to their land. Here in the U.S., we dream of a movement that can foster resilience and resistance while restoring land and livelihood in a way that sparks people’s vision of what is possible and necessary. So we are excited to learn from these leaders who are helping to build such a movement to transform consciousness and material reality in Brazil.