[AUDIO] Michelle Mascarenhas-Swan Speaks on the Our Power Campaign on KPFA’s Up Front

Last week, KPFA’s Up Front radio program interviewed MG’s Michelle Mascarenhas-Swan about the Our Power Campaign!  The 15 minute interview covered what the campaign is about, and how the Climate Justice Alliance’s vision for a just transition can actually look like on the ground in frontline communities.

Here’s an excerpt: “Energy companies are going to further and further lengths to extract fossil fuels and other types of energy sources from the planet. So we have things like the massive oil spill that happened in the Gulf a few years ago due to deep water drilling. We have tremendous impacts of tar sands extraction in Alberta, British Collumbia, that mostly land on the indigenous communities who earn their livelihood from the land. And so they are seeing their land base totally destroyed in order to continue to go to greater depths to obtain energy to fuel the system. These communities are being hit first and worst. And at the same time, they have been generating the kinds of solutions that are necessary to meet their needs…The solutions are often in the form of things that collectivize our resources, and support us in actually sharing our labor. Rather than our labor being extracted and used as a chain saw against earth’s systems. How can we band together to collectively meet our needs in ways that care for place?”
– Michelle Mascarenhas-Swan on KPFA’s Up Front, October 2013

Catch the interview here

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