MG on Resilience.Org: Justice Isn’t Inevitable

MG collective member Ellen Choy was featured on Resilience.Org this month! She was interviewed on what resilience means, how it shows up in her own family, and how MG’s work through Resilience-Based Organizing is paving the way for a just transition.

Here’s an excerpt below. Check out the full article here.

DSC_0188-1“We all come from cultures that built deep resilience because we were able to exist in the place we lived for a long time. We call that cultural diversity. This evolved knowledge of place. In a way, we look back to our indigenous ancestral wisdom to see models of how people who got to live in one place for hundreds of years really knew how to take care of that place, that home, the best.

Resiliency is there. It’s in all of us. Again, if we’re disconnected from those lands like my family….

My grandmother went from living on a farm to being pushed out because of the traumas and impacts of the Korean War—moving over here to L.A. and working in a garment factory. Her labor, instead of actually being applied to take care of home and her community, ended up being taken out of that web of life, thrown into the chains of the market. [She had] to run that hamster wheel to work for a paycheck to feed her family. That’s disconnection to our own labor.”

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