MG On Blast : Mateo's January Picks

In 2014, we’re bringing you a new series on our website (and in our newsletter)!  And we’re doing it by putting ourselves on blast!  Each month, one of us will step into the spotlight and share with you a list of our personal recommendations – from what’s in our tape deck, to our recommended news stories, to what we’re reading before bed… we’ll bring different recommendations from a different person each time.  And we’re starting the series by putting on blast MG collective member Mateo Nube!  

Mateo&Nilo.Viking1Here are Mateo’s January Picks:

  • Music video pick of the month:  Cultura Popular coming at you from Calle 13.  One of their latest hits titled Multi_Viral  | Watch it here.

  • Analytical piece of the month:  Naomi Klein:  How Science is Telling Us All to Revolt | Read it here.

  • News & resource roundup of the month:  Climate Change Related Updates & Teaching Resources | Check them out here.

  • Funnest agit-prop moment of the month:  Russell Brand Calling for Revolution on BBC News | Watch it here.