MG Launches New Trainer's Network

Carla TeachingMG’s newly launched Trainer’s Network is comprised of folks from MG’s member organizations and represents diverse sectors of our movement including: environmental justice, labor, youth leadership, immigrant rights, womens’ rights, direct action, anti-oppression, native sovereignty and more.

The Trainers Network is playing the critical role of increasing MG’s capacity to raise awareness and consciousness around Ecological Justice and support key organizations in developing their ecological justice analysis and building it into their program work – and they are READY FOR ACTION!

If you would like to request an Ecological Justice training or other training that Movement Generation offers, please contact

Current Trainers:
Angela Angel – EcoPin@y Project
Aryeh Shell – Somos Mayfair
Joel Ramos – TransForm
Julia Rhee – Green for All
Luke Newton – Anne Braden Program
Nikol Trujillo
Sarah Norr – Unite Here!
Armael Malinis – AYPAL
Vay Hoang – AYPAL
Ananda Lee Tan – Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives (GAIA)
Mari Rose Taruc – APEN
Torm Nompraseurt – APEN
Mei-ying Williams – APEN
Sharon Lungo – the Ruckus Society
Rahula Janowski
Patrick Reighnsboro – SmartMeme