MG Is Hard At Work… But What's Cooking?

For months, the masterminds of Movement Generation have been hard at work… but what’s cooking now?

The Movement Generation staff is definitely a group of hard-working individuals (with families), but if you’ve noticed they’ve been particularly busy lately it’s because they’ve been putting tons of energy and hours into one of their most critical projects yet!

Approximately 110 movement leaders have been part of MG’s yearly Eco-Justice retreats over the past four years.  This year, MG has decided to take the conversation to the next level.  In mid-October, they will be hosting a 3-day strategic gathering titled Slides, Shocks, Shifts, and Strategies: The Bay Area in 2030.” They will be bringing together 25 Bay-Area based and national alliance Eco-Justice leaders to discuss and strategize plausible future scenarios for the Bay Area based on the predicted impacts and trajectories we currently face ecologically and economically, as well as explore possible social movement interventions that would forge an alternate path towards ecological justice in 2030.  With such a critical conversation, MG is thrilled to be gearing up for the brilliance and ingenuity of this year’s group!  But that means some retreat planning like you’ve never seen it.

And stay tuned… we are producing some incredible print materials for this retreat, which we plan to make available as a resource to others soon!