MG Earth Skills Training #2

The Good Shit: Water-Less Compost Toilet Installation

Sponsored by MG and co-hosted by Full Harvest Urban Farm. Installation led by Dig Cooperative.

goodshitSaturday, June 14
@ Full Harvest Urban Farm
3732 39th Ave (off of Macarthur), Oakland

Access to clean water is a human right. Only 2% of earth’s water is fresh and available for people to drink, but big business has polluted half of it! The remaining 1% of clean water has been scarce in many places due to the global ecological crisis. In California water shortages caused by drought have become the new normal. The Central Valley’s farmland is slowly becoming a desert and water rationing is likely to occur in the very near future. We must rethink our relationship to water if we are to survive the crisis.

Our pee and poop belong in the Earth as nutrients for trees and fertilizers for soil.

Join us for a training on water-less compost toilet installation. Under the professional instruction of Dig Cooperative you will learn how to build a simple waste management system that reduces the pollution of clean water and increases our resilience in the face of drought.

Space is very limited and we are near capacity! Please click here to sign up for the waiting list.
As space becomes available you will be contacted to reserve a spot.

Childcare and Spanish Interpretation available – please let us know if you will need either, by emailing Quinton (contact below).

For more information, please contact Quinton Sankofa with MG at: | 510-969-6228