March 16-23 — Week of Actions Against Tar Sands Profiteers

Organize a Tar Sands Actions Near You!

The U.S. State Dept released an  environmental impact statement  March 1st, saying that approving the Keystone XL pipeline would supposedly have only ‘minimal impact on the environment’, but we know that all pipelines spill!

People across Canada and the U.S. are continuing to stand up against the Tar Sands and its destructive pipelines.  Did you see the  latest action from one of the Tar Sands Blockaders, who locked himself to A/V equipment at a TransCanada presentation about the Tar Sands on Feb 27th in Houston?!

In fact, It’s time to put an end to these greedy oil companies’ playing with our communities’ and environment’s lives, for profit.  Check out – or organize – a Tar Sands Action near you during the Week of Action against Tar Sands Profiteering, March 16-23! 

To learn more about resistance against Tar Sands development, visit Indigenous Environmental Network’s Tar Sands Campaign website.