Land and Liberation: A Permaculture Journey Through Cuba

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calendarcoverDid you know Movement Generation just returned from the International Permaculture Conference in Cuba? Do you want to get an eye-popping glimpse of what we saw there? Make a donation of $40 or more to MG by December 31st and get our own home-produced Cuba Permaculture 2014 Calendar! Angela Angel, photographer extraordinaire, was part of the MG delegation to Cuba and did an amazing job visually capturing the amazing permaculture innovations playing out all around the island.

Titled Land & Liberation: A Permaculture Journey Through Cuba, this 2014 Calendar will include 14 of Angela’s best photos + a guide through the core principles that inform Permaculture Design. Buy yourself a calendar, get one for your sweetie/abuelita/son/auntie/best friend, or even buy half a dozen for all of your wonderful office mates! Simply click here, make your donation by Dec 31, and you’ll be good to go. We will be mailing the Calendars out by January 10th. And if you become a MG monthly sustainer at $20 or more a month, we’ll automatically send you two calendars!

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