occupy sf oct 12 flyerMovement Generation stands in solidarity with what has rapidly become an inspiring translocal movement to Occupy the sites of corporate power.  There are now over 840 actions happening across the country.  This is a critical moment: the engagement of grassroots social movements will help steer this exciting upsurge of street action towards transformative change. This is a moment to throw down and step out of our comfort zones- it’s time to build with folks from the many different communities who also have been adversely affected by the crisis of capitalism. Young people with education debt, those who have lost their family homes, folks of all ages with no work facing the prospect of no work in the future, trade unionists, and more are joining together to challenge the injustice.From the Boston Right to the City actions last weekend to the San Francisco march next Wednesday (10/12), grassroots organizations rooted in communities of color are jumping in to help lead a broad-based peoples’ movement that can take on corporate power.

Global capitalism is foreclosing on our future by tearing apart the fabric of our homes, communities, and ecosystems. While our resources go to bail out Wall Street, corporations are destabilizing our climate, fouling our waters, selling us food that makes us sick, and destroying the very life-giving systems that we depend on.

Following the Arab people who led their nations to a new spring, we stand with the 99% who are bringing on the American Autumn. Join us on Wednesday, October 12 at 7am at Occupy SF– the Federal Reserve– in San Francisco!