Healing For The People : Reflections from the Women's Healing Clinic 2013

Posted by Carla Perez, MG Collective Member

Healing Clinic flyer_Eng-page-001The Women’s Healing Clinic was a huge success and an AMAZING and life shifting experience for most everyone who was a part of it. The universe conspired with us – the Healing Clinic Collective – to create the perfect space, held in an ideal location, with the right set of healing modalities and individual healers, a bomb crew of dedicated and super hard working volunteers, all the food and materials we needed, almost 400 women-identified people and children (and some men partners hanging around) and an energy of safety, care, radical acts of love and immense generosity.

People came in with broken spirits and ailing bodies…and most left feeling rejuvenated, hopeful, relieved, healed, and most of all, grateful! In addition to several testimonies of physical pains that were alleviated, perhaps the clearest testimony of the healing space we created was the fact that many people, after being treated, decided to stay and hang out at the clinic for the remainder of the day! “Just being here is healing.” I cannot count how many times I heard that. Even people who were not able to sign up for treatment stayed to enjoy the atmosphere, and some even offered to volunteer on the spot!

A quick snapshot…
Countless embraces, words and tears of gratitude
Cries of joy and sighs of relief
Newly found smiles
Happy mamas and playful children
Inclusive community of wombyn
Energized healers
Tireless volunteers
Copal incense, rattles and feathers
Smudging for the first time
Saying Fuck Kaiser
Overjoyed organizers…

Thank you ~ Gracias ~ Tlazocamati

To the Organizing Committee of the Healing Clinic Collective, to all the Practitioners and Volunteers who made it possible, to all the beautiful people who stepped up for themselves and brought their light to the Clinic, and to MG for it’s generosity, and our grace in politicizing the sacred. Most of us in the movement know…or feel…that personal healing from systemic and individual trauma is actually a critical component for the uplifting of the masses and a strong movement for fundamental social change. Yet, it is too rarely an explicit and intentional body of work that we create and dedicate time and resources to. I myself wondered how many people would really come to a clinic offering “Limpias” (energy/spiritual cleanses)?? But the People have spoken…from deep East Oakland to the Berkeley flats, Richmond and the Excelsior in SF…”When is there going to be another Clinic??”Stay tuned for the Future of the Healing Clinics. The Collective will be holding a Men’s Healing Clinic in 2014, and a Healing Clinic for Youth in 2015. We are in the process of assessing our capacity to repeat the Women’s Healing Clinic next year and/or more often. Updates will come through MG, and eventually our own website.

Big Love & Healing Vibes
Carla & the Healing Clinic Collective