Grassroots Global Justice Alliance Statement of Solidarity with Occupy Together Movements

ggj logo[Excerpt – read the full statement by following the link at the bottom]

“We welcome the “October Offensive” that is giving collective voice to our anger and to our hunger for change.  We affirm the courage of the people who are putting their bodies on the line, who are reclaiming space in defiance of the greed that is impoverishing the majority of the U.S., and the vast majority of the world. We condemn the police violence and mass arrests as violations of our basic rights to democratic dissent.

As a mass-based alliance whose mission is to build grassroots internationalism, the Grassroots Global Justice Alliance connects U.S. base-building groups with international social movements to build a popular movement for a peaceful, just and sustainable world.   Many of us will mobilize to the encampments, others of us are organizing and joining actions in other parts of the country.  All of us are struggling day to day in different sites of struggle – in the workplace, in our homes, in our neighborhoods, across borders.”

Read the full statement HERE.