Earth Skills #3: Intro to Permaculture for the People

Sat, October 5th | 10:00am – 5:00pm

at the Movement Generation Compound! 

1729 Oregon Street, Berkeley 94710

Permaculture is a whole design science that is reflective of natural patterns and promotes mutually beneficial relationships. Rooted in a simple yet strong set of ethics, the concepts and principles of Permaculture help us rediscover how to be a positive contribution to the earth, ourselves and Peoples globally.”

How are MG and others expanding and harnessing the core ethics and principles of this sustainable design method to build true democracy, equity and resilience in communities everywhere?
This day-long Intro to Permaculture for the People will give participants the fundamentals of the Permaculture framework, core design techniques and practice applying it to the the MG Garden site! We will share many resources for continued training, self-education and permaculture projects in the Bay Area. And, we will work on replenishing the soil in the MG Garden – the home of the MG collective, as well as numerous community gatherings and movement convenings.This training will be co-led by Carla Pérez of MG and Kendall Dunnigan of OAEC, long-time teacher and recently elected director of OAEC’s Permaculture Program. We are excited to continue our collaboration with OAEC in this way!

Download the event flyer in English and in Spanish!
For more information and to RSVP for your spot by Sept 30,
please contact Carla at: | 510.649.1475