“Did We Go Too Far” Episode 1: All The Things We Don’t Have Answers To (With Guests Charlene Carruthers and Gopal Dayaneni)

The pilot episode All The Things We Don’t Have Answers To is here. In this pilot episode we’re gonna talk about all the things we don’t have answers to…or feel we don’t have answers to?!! Like why are we in a pandemic? What shapes our relationship with the unknown? And… As we hold the complexities and contradictions in this moment, let us find power in asking the questions that emerge as we sit in the realities of uncertainty. Join your hosts Tré Vasquez & Layel Camargo as they explore all that is unknown with Charlene Carruthers and Gopal Dayaneni.


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About “Did We Go Too Far”:

Amidst extraordinarily uncertain times, many of us wonder: What futures are we moving toward? What realities are we creating? Movement Generation’s new podcast Did We Go Too Far? takes on parenting in a pandemic, and offers perspectives on Queer Ecology, Black Land & Liberation, and being okay with the unknown. Hosts Tré Vasquez & Layel Camargo speak with a spectrum of guests, like Charlene Carruthers, Leah Penniman, Morning Star Gali, other MG Staff Collective Members and more….with humor and lightness as well as the realness and depth we need to survive and thrive through this deeply transformational time, a.k.a. The Apocalypse…cause there ain’t no going back!

Did We Go Too Far? is available on Spreaker, iTunes, and Spotify!