Creative Wildfire

Creative Wildfire is a collaborative call to collective action from frontline communities, represented by the Climate Justice Alliance, Movement Generation, and New Economy Coalition.

We are in a pivotal moment.

The Global Pandemic and the continued injustice toward people and the planet is changing life as we know it. So much is being lost, taken away, or destroyed. We say: enough is enough.



Why is this project called Creative Wildfire?

Destructive wildfires are wreaking havoc in North America and around the world as a result of rising temperatures, longer droughts, and decades of fire policies guided by strategies of fire suppression. Frontline communities, who have been disproportionately impacted by these disasters, have exhibited incredible resilience.

The Creative Wildfire project stands for different kinds of fires, fires that benefit the environment and our communities, fires that give birth to new life. For millennia, fire has played an important role in the health of ecosystems and in indigenous stewardship practices. Deliberate burns shaped landscapes in North America, and are rooted in the relationship between indigenous communities to the land.

With Creative Wildfire, we want to fan the flames that arise from artistic sparks, we want to feed the fire to devour the extractive systems that cause harm to our communities, and make space for new ways of thinking, being, collaborating, providing, and caring for each other.
Movement Generation began using the phrase Creative Wildfire in 2014 when Josh Healey, the MG Culture Shift program lead at the time, came up with that name for an artist/cultural workers Eco-Justice retreat. The Creative Wildfire retreat brought together artists, activists, and organizers to explore the depths of the Ecological crisis as well as community based strategies to address the crisis. The 4 day retreat ended with a Creative Wildfire show that featured performance and visual art from the participating artists in the cohort. Since then MG has used the theme of “fire” in their Cultural Strategy work (The North Pole Season 2 and #FireSeeds social media campaign) to counter dominant narratives around fire ecology, indigenous sovereignty and mutual aid for frontline communities.


The Creative Wildfire Call to Artists

Artists and cultural workers play a crucial role in building the worlds we need.

The intention behind the Creative Wildfire project was to call on the power of artists and cultural workers and uplift their role in the larger transformative cultural shift of restoring governance to the people through building regenerative solidarity economies. Over the summer and fall of 2021, 19 artists representing 14 projects went through a process of political education to explore our collaborative RESIST A RETURN TO NORMAL manifesto. The Creative Wildfire project awarded up to $7,000 to each project to manifest their work.

Learn more about the Creative Wildfire artists and projects!

Resist & Build: A Creative Wildfire Artist Showcase

On Nov 9th 2021, the artists presented their final works in a live event attended by grassroots and frontline organizers. The artists engaged in dialogue about what it means for artists and culture bearers to be agents of systems change. The artist projects range from watercolor depictions of a decolonized landscape where the sacredness of water is protected, to a multimedia children’s book that inspires families to envision their role in a just transition to regional regenerative solidarity economies, to a short-form album whose songs rupture our idea of normal. Along with creating the brilliant final projects, the artists gave testimony to the transformative process of being part of an artist cohort grounded in political education.

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