Course Correction Sessions Postponed Until Tues, June 16th

Dear Course Correction Participants,

The MG staff sends fierce love and solidarity across the country and the world.

PLEASE NOTE: this week’s Course Correction session has been postponed. Sessions will resume on June 16th, and continue to run every 2 weeks after that:

  • Session #2 – June 16th 3-5pm PT / 5-7pm CT / 6-8pm ET
  • Session #3 – June 30th 3-5pm PT / 5-7pm CT / 6-8pm ET
  • Session #4 – July 14th 3-5pm PT / 5-7pm CT / 6-8pm ET

We find ourselves in an unprecedented moment – rebellions across the country, amidst a viral pandemic. We are postponing tomorrow’s session to honor the space folks need right now to respond to, process, and grieve the moment – taking care of yourself and loved ones, praying at your altar, showing up for your community, taking to the streets, or organizing with your folks. We know the conversations and learnings from this course are as relevant as ever – and we also know that taking care of each other and showing up for this moment and for Black liberation right now is the priority.


We stand with Black organizers in Minneapolis, Louisville, Atlanta, Oakland, and the Movement for Black Lives in their demands to #DefundThePolice and #DefendBlackLife. We want to share a few things that are on our hearts right now.

We must #DefundThePolice and end militarism everywhere. Policing in this settler colonial nation grew out of Slave Patrols and then Black Codes during Jim Crow. Police are charged with protecting the extractive system of turning land into private property and hoarding of wealth; not the care and protection of Black people. It’s time to end capitalism and white supremacy, and abolish the police state that enforces them. #AbolitionNow #FreeThemAll

Whose land? Whose wealth? We are not concerned for the destruction of property happening in the same blocks and big box stores where capital has been massively infused to gentrify and displace Black, Brown, Native, queer, trans, and poor people over the last decade. That capital was generated off of stolen Native land and stolen Black labor. We call for a return of stolen land and the wealth looted from stolen labor to those it was stolen from. We call for reinvestment of those funds and lands into reparations for Black communities to self-determine. We are committed to a #JustTransition that manifests Black liberated zones, spaces, and land, equipped with the abundance of resources they need to carry out their visions.

Justice for George Floyd. Justice for Breonna Taylor. Justice for Tony McDade. Justice for Ahmaud Arbery. May they rest in peace and power.


  1. Follow Black organizations and leadership
    Throw down for the Movement 4 Black Lives’ Week of Action
    Find local Black-led organizations in your cities to support
  2. Donate to local bail funds and Black-led organizations
  3. Turn up at your altar & allow yourself to feel
  4. Connect with your Course Correction study group (or your family, your friends, your loved ones)! We’ve provided suggested discussion questions below.

We look forward to seeing you on June 16th, to talk about long-term, translocal strategies for just recovery, and how we are responding in this ever-changing moment.

In love and rage,
Movement Generation staff
Abbas, Angela, Carla, Crosby, Deseree, Ellen, Mateo, Michelle, and Tré (and Quinton, on sabbatical)

Discussion Questions:
If you can still meet with your discussion group before the next webinar session, here are some prompts :

  1. How are you feeling? What are you noticing in your body, heart, spirit?
  2. What is the relationship between policing and private property? What feelings come up for you in talking about this?
  3. How is social inequity a form of ecological erosion? Why must we address inequity in order to address the ecological crisis? Does this worry you?
  4. How can the demands that Black-led movements are calling for right now advance the feedback loops we need to regain balance of ecological systems?