Comedy Video Premiere: "Keystone XL Has a Job for You!"

Presented by Movement Generation

joshkeystonepremiereflyerTuesday, Feb 4th
@ RYSE Center
205 41st St (at Macdonald Ave), Richmond, CA

Free! Food provided by the RYSE youth gardeners & Tasty Tuesdays team

What happens when you combine the environmental justice heroes of Richmond, CA with hilarious satire straight out of the Daily Show?

It’s time to find out! Movement Generation is proud to present the upcoming comedic video:

‘Keystone XL Has a Job for You!’

Written by Josh Healey (NPR Snap Judgment, Movement Generation)
Directed by Yvan Iturriaga (PBS Films)
Starring Donte Clark (RAW Talent) and Josh Healey

Conservative proponents of the Keystone XL oil pipeline say that it would create thousands of new jobs. But in a project fueling so many environmental and community concerns, what types of jobs would it really create? 

Meet TJ Thompson, Keystone XL’s #1 job recruiter. TJ is a slick-talking, no-nonsense salesman who can turn the ugliest oil spill into a river of prosperity. But when he comes to preach the virtues of Keystone’s new pipeline at a job fair in Richmond, CA, he meets his hardest sell yet.

Darryl Clark is a hard-working man who needs a job. Unemployed and with a young son at home, Darryl eagerly makes his way to the job fair in his Richmond neighborhood. There, he meets TJ and hears the wonders (or are they horrors?) of what Keystone XL has to offer. Hard on his luck, Darryl has to decide: should he take the job at Keystone XL? Or can he resist the evil empire and stand strong for his community?

There’s only one way to find out. Get ready for the new video, “Keystone XL Has a Job for You!” — and get ready to join the movement.

The video premiere also includes a talk-back with activists leading the fight against Keystone XL, Chevron, and the extreme oil industry. Featuring groups who are building real alternatives and creating local, living economies for jobs and a healthy environment in Richmond and beyond.

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Why is Movement Generation making this video? 

Everywhere you look, the stakes are high. President Obama is deciding on whether to approve the disastrous Keystone XL tar sands oil pipeline. Here in the Bay Area, Chevron is using the pretext of last year’s fire at their Richmond refinery (which sent 15,000 people to the hospital!) to expand the refinery to process that same devastating tar sands oil. If these projects are approved, we know the consequences: more oil spills, more fires, more asthma and cancer for our communities, more climate change and super typhoons across the planet.

Lucky for us, Big Oil isn’t the only game in town. Here in Richmond and across the country, people are organizing to expose the lies and create real, green-collar alternatives. Now is the time to amplify our struggles! We can tell our stories, organize our neighbors, and yes, use a little humor to change the debate and help bring it back to what matters the most – the health of our communities, our people, our planet