Key Concepts

The Work of Love and the Love of Work: Resilience-Based Organizing as a Path Forward

An article written by MG in 2013 about the concept of "Resilience-Based Organizing" and how the vision of directly meeting needs through collective actions begins to liberate our labor from the chains of the market and restore our labor to the web of life - which is at the heart of ecological restoration and community resilience in the face of ecological disruption and economic collapse.

Biological and Cultural Diversity: Repairing and Depending On the Web of Life

The web of life is all of what we’ve got to work with – the biological and cultural diversity that currently exists – all of the living world. This living web has strands that are connected – but the exploitative, oppressive system that we live in, in addition to creating all kinds of social destruction, is snipping away at the strings and we are getting close to collapse.