Articles & Speeches

The Case for Holistic Economic Transformation | RPE Journal

Fall 2009: To be truly transformative we need to work toward filling the spiritual void left by an economy based on individualism, consumption, and exploitative waged labor. We can do this by learning to live more cooperatively and setting our focus on “roles” rather than “jobs” in seeking social progress over growth.

Resilient Cities: Building Community Control | RPE Journal

Fall 2009: From a grassroots perspective, building community resilience and higher degrees of material self-sufficiency will be critical towards ensuring that communities of color weather coming ecological transitions. The basic needs of urban communities of color— such as access to potable water, healthy food, and mass transit—will otherwise be at stake in an era of heightened ecological stress.

Ecology & The Left | [PDF]

June/July 2008: At this crucial point in the history of the Earth and its people, what hope and what visions could we have for a just, sustainable future? Gopal Dayaneni and Mateo Nube lay down a framework for action that ties together racial, economic, and ecological justice.