Building Economy for People & Planet: Half Day Workshop

What Is It?

This is a half day workshop, developed in collaboration with People Organized to Demand Environmental and Economic Rights (PODER), for community members and community based organizations to explore what we mean by economy, its relationship to ecology, and to learn about steps we can take to create a more just, sustainable and participatory economy for workers, community members and the planet.

Why Do it?

  • Redefine what is commonly understood as Economy, and highlight its relationship to Ecology.

Empower the group to see themselves as economic experts.

  • Introduce and provide opportunities for the group to share economic practices that emphasize cooperation, sustainability and participation.


Minimum 3 Hours (see workshop for details)

Materials needed

  • Agenda, goals, and group agreements on butcher paper
  • Solidarity Economy cards (attached)
  • Pens, markers, and butcher paper
  • Powerpoint of Images: Eco, Ecosystem, Ecology, Economy; Getting By, Getting Ahead, Getting Together
  • Handout – “The Meaning of Home”


Download the workshop in PDF – includes Solidarity Economy cards ]

Download the Powerpoint of Images (.pptx) ]

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