Back To School With MG!

Dearest friends and allies,

It’s time to get back to school.. with MG!  The new schoolyear is up & running, and Movement Generation is gearing up to make 2013-2014 as exciting as ever!  Over 1,500 individuals came through the MG ‘classroom’ in the last year alone, attending an MG training, participating in MG’s 2013 retreat or sitting in on one of our public speaking events. As we welcome our communityback into the MG classroom this year, we are hoping to expand the reach & breadth of our ‘learning community’ even more.

To do so, we need your help insuring that we have the necessary school supplies in place!  Hence our BACK TO SCHOOL Grassroots Fundraising Drive!  Lunch money, fall wardrobes, markers & notepads, field trips…we are putting it all in place right now!
Participants at the MG 2013 Ecojustice Retreats in Occidental, CA

With your immediate support, we can achieve the following:
  • Lunch Money:  $75 donation feeds 15 participants at one of our day-long Earth Skills Trainings.

  • Markers & Notepads:  A $150 donation will secure supplies for participants in our upcoming 8-week long Arts & Activism workshop hosted by award-winning performer 
  • Field Trips:  We are going to Cuba!  MG and OAEC are building a delegation toattend, and host a course on Liberation Permaculture, at the 11th International Permaculture Convergence in Havana this November!  A $500 donation will purchase an airline ticket to the convergence for Carla M. Perez – MG’s in-house permaculturist for the people!

Please support MG – give early, give soon.

Every cent will further our efforts to build true Earth Democracy!

You can donate online by clicking here or by mailing a check to:
Movement Generation
436 14th St.  Fifth Floor
Oakland, CA 94612