Back To School With MG Continues!

500 : 1 student to school nurse ratios? 1800 : 1 student to counselor ratios*? Not at the MG ‘School’!  This school year at MG, healthwellness and holistic healing are playing a central role!


MG is proud to support the primacy of healing work by co-sponsoring the Women’s Healing Clinic, to be held November 8th and 9th. This clinic will provide free traditional healing sessions to women and female-identified people in some of the most vulnerable populations in the Bay Area. It will serve women who are survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence, who have been previously incarcerated, that are currently or recently part of a recovery process, who are chronically ill and lack access to health insurance, and who live with unresolved spiritual, physical and emotional trauma.


The clinic is being organized by a collective of 5 fierce and fantastic healing visionaries – MG is proud to support their leadership and vision! Thus far, we have raised 50% of the $10,000 needed to make the Clinic a success. We are making a big fundraising push to close that gap.  Please donate now to help make the clinic a reality!

Towards an ecologically just world – with healers, mediators, nurses, curanderas, and care providers on every neighborhood block!  

[* This statistic is horrifyingly true:  there are 20.5 counselors on payroll in the Oakland Unified School District…for roughly 37,000 students!!]

You can donate online by clicking here or by mailing a check to:
Movement Generation
436 14th St.  Fifth Floor
Oakland, CA 94612