Back from Copenhagen: Moving Climate Justice Forward | Making Contact

Title: Back from Copenhagen: Moving Climate Justice Forward

Aired on: Making Contact

Date: January 2010

Listen to MG’s Michelle Mascarenhas-Swan put forth strategies for building power towards climate justice on Making Contact’s show, “Back from Copenhagen: Moving Climate Justice Forward.”

Listen to the interview online here.

From Making Contact’s Website:

“The climate talks at Copenhagen closed in 2009 with no binding agreements or timetables for curbing greenhouse gas emissions. Only pledges were made to avoid more than a two degree Celsius temperature increase and avoid dangerous climate change. On this edition, we hear from climate justice activists who went to Copenhagen. They say we need a system change, not climate change.


Vandana Shiva, ecology activist, author & Research Foundation of Science, Technology, and Natural Resources Director; President Mohammed Nasheed, Republic of Maldives; Tom Goldtooth, Indigenous Environmental Network Executive Director; Victor Minotti, International Forum on Globalization Director; Michelle Mascarenhas-Swan, Movement Generation Justice and Ecology Project.

Special thanks to KPFA radio producer, Brian Edwards-Tiekert, who recorded some of this audio at the climate talks at Copenhagen in 2009.”