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josh and michelle on set

Behind The Scenes: Movement Generation as Executive Producer

To learn more about the impetus for The North Pole show, Movement Generation’s investment in culture and storytelling, and the nuts and bolts of an entire organization acting as executive producer, we had a conversation with Movement Generation’s Josh Healey, Quinton Sankofa, Michelle Mascarenhas-Swan, Mateo Nube, and filmmaker and North Pole Show director and co-writer, Yvan Iturriaga.

Beyond the Nation State: A Critical Look at Venezuela’s Current Crisis

In this interview, Mateo Nube unpacks the history and promise of the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela and beyond; the roots and early warning signs of the authoritarianism we’re now seeing play out in Venezuela; the lost opportunity for Venezuela to leverage its oil money wealth toward a just transition away from extractivism and toward a regenerative economy; and the dangers of U.S. interventionism in the conflict.